Module: Gross wage

Up-to-date - Reliable - Accurate

The gross wage is immediately calculated automatically during shift planning. Dreams of the future? Not with DISPONIC. The module makes your gross payroll accounting convenient and fast. You enter basic information once (basic wage, bonuses and allowances). DISPONIC will do the rest for you!

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Your advantages

  • All collective agreements can be mapped
  • Determine wages and bonuses in combination with object, activity or employee
  • Deposit object and function allowances
  • Flexible billing models
  • Several individual calendars can be defined in parallel
  • Parallel mapping of different tariff zones
  • Monitor earnings limits directly during planning!
  • Individual evaluations via pivot tables *
  • Exporting the data to Excel
  • customizable payrolls
  • Inspection by customs? Flawless!

*A pivot table displays dimensions and key figures as rows and columns in a table. Data can be grouped and analyzed simultaneously according to several key figures and in several dimensions. A pivot table is very powerful if you want to analyze several dimensions and key figures at the same time and then rearrange them to view data from a different angle. Another advantage is that you can expand the lines you are interested in, while the other lines can be displayed in a reduced form.

In DISPONIC you evaluate all data using pivot tables!

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