Training videos

We create training videos for almost all DISPONIC modules. Videos are an extremely popular medium in our digital age. Training videos have established themselves as an indispensable resource in training and further education. The numerous advantages are obvious:

The user benefits from learning at any time and from any place, and also determines his or her own personal learning pace. Once purchased, the videos can be watched as often as you like, ensuring lasting learning success. The use of training videos for employee training makes it possible to create valuable resources that will be available to your company in the future.

Training videos provide valuable support, especially in the time-consuming onboarding process. They provide clear and comprehensible information that makes it easier and quicker for new employees to join the company.

Our strength? We know you – our target group – very well. With 30 years of experience, we have a unique perspective on the things we want to convey to you in our training videos. Put your trust in our know-how and discover a modern, effective way of training and further education. Welcome to our training videos – your key to sustainable knowledge and successful employee development.

Do you have any questions on this topic or would you like our experts to advise you on your individual solution? We are here for you!

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