Module: Interfaces

Efficient interfaces for smooth processes

With DISPONIC you experience a seamless export/import of data into payroll accounting and financial accounting. Our software offers interfaces to the leading programs in these areas – including Datev, SBS, Lexware and many more.

Thanks to these intelligent interfaces, your data can be transferred directly and effortlessly from DISPONIC to common net payroll accounting and financial accounting programs. This smooth data transfer not only saves time, but also enables you to manage your accounting processes efficiently.

The advantages are obvious: no time-consuming manual transfer of data, no sources of error due to repeated entries. Instead, you have more time to concentrate on what really matters – your customers and orders. DISPONIC makes managing your financial data easier than ever before. Make your business more efficient – let DISPONIC work for you.

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Interfaces to numerous financial accounting programs

Interfaces to numerous payroll programs

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