Module: Time recording

Clever - Independent - Contemporary

Mobile time recording via GEO-FENCING, NFC or manually

How can staff be recorded reliably and quickly, especially at large events? The ID card with integrated NFC chip in conjunction with our app offers the ideal solution. All information is recorded and automatically transferred to the system. Whether coming or going times for gross payroll accounting or for invoicing the customer.

The time recording supported by GEO-FENCING is absolutely innovative: you define the geocoordinates in the order. Within a certain radius of 50m, 500m or more around your order, the employee can actively report his presence online. You have the certainty that your customer order will be completed reliably…

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Up-to-date - Reliable - Accurate

  • Stationary recording via info terminal
  • Manual time recording by employees. Paper timesheets are a thing of the past
  • Time import from other systems
  • Detection by scanning the NFC tags on the object
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