Our areas of expertise

In the field of security services, event protection, rescue services, fire departments and other personnel-intensive companies, the planning and overall management of the employees to be deployed is very time-consuming and cost-intensive.

Many companies work with inadequate planning resources, which means that information is repeatedly lost, reaches the recipient too late or is difficult to get to employees.

Are there always time overlaps in scheduling? Are you scheduling employees who are actually on vacation or sick? Are there any complaints if the hourly limit is exceeded?

Many questions – one answer: DISPONIC Professional Duty Scheduling

Duty scheduling for security companies

Time is of the essence in the demanding everyday life of security companies, where a large number of personnel have to be coordinated. With DISPONIC, we offer you a software solution that is not only fast, clear and flexible, but also optimizes your daily processes.

Duty planning for event security

Flexibility and an overview of the entire event are of the utmost importance in event planning. DISPONIC shows whether all services are staffed and whether all employees have the required qualifications.

Duty planning for emergency services

Planning and reliability are essential in the field of emergency services. First-aid services at concerts, trade fairs or major events such as the Oktoberfest must be staffed as ordered by your customer.

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