Module: Automatic price increase

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How many hourly rates or flat rates have you created for the orders in DISPONIC? How long can it take to manually adjust all these prices? A few hours or even days can quickly add up. Mistakes creep in almost naturally. Too many similar numbers – soon your head is spinning.

How much better it is to automatically adjust prices. Then go ahead: DISPONIC offers exactly this function with its module. Prices are increased according to certain specifications. Appropriate options are offered for selection: because not everything is always increased in the same way at the same time. Often only certain orders are affected, which the user can select. Different types of increases are possible, for example fixed values or percentages.

Specify the desired rounding. The rounding type distinguishes between rounding up, rounding down and mathematical rounding.

Do you have questions about this module or would you like our experts to advise you on your individual solution? We are here for you!

Your advantages

  • Sources of error are minimized
  • You will realize the enormous time savings from the very first application.
  • Individual specifications
  • Evaluation including Excel export: which flat rate, which hourly rate, etc. was increased by how much
  • the evaluation is the basis of a form letter in Word
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