Module: SPESIX

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The reimbursement of expenses for employees of security companies in Switzerland in accordance with CLAs (collective labor agreements) is not entirely straightforward.

Every employer is obliged to reimburse its employees for the necessary expenses incurred when working away from home according to a zone model. You know the drill: travel costs, additional travel time, etc. In which zone was the employee traveling? Can’t that be determined automatically? You can: with DISPONIC and the SPESIX module.

DISPONIC determines which zone an employee’s service falls into when planning an order. It is essential to use Google Maps as a basis for determining the distances between the place of work and the place of employment. Known routes are recognized by DISPONIC and saved for the future. This saves time and data re-entry.

If the user moves the mouse pointer in the area of the employees, it must be possible to recognize which zone the service falls into.

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Your advantages

  • Determination of the employee’s recreation zone during duty scheduling.
  • Safety when determining the location with the zone model
  • GAV compliant
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