Security company


Time is of the essence in the demanding everyday life of security companies, where a large number of personnel have to be coordinated. With DISPONIC, we offer you a software solution that is not only fast, clear and flexible, but also optimizes your daily processes.

DISPONIC enables fast and precise personnel planning. Automated processes and defined qualifications save you up to 80% of your daily time. Concentrate on the essentials – your customers and the smooth organization of your security personnel.

The software offers a clear and intuitive user interface that provides a comprehensive overview of your HR management. Manage duty rosters, qualifications and employee data easily in a central system.

The requirements in the security industry are constantly changing. DISPONIC remains flexible and adapts to current developments through continuous updates. Based on our membership of the BDSW and BVMS, you always benefit from the latest industry-relevant knowledge without having to worry about it yourself.

Discover with DISPONIC how you can not only save time, but also achieve optimized and efficient personnel planning.

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