Module: Start-up check

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You can use the “Start-up control” module to give your operations center an overview of services that should be monitored with regard to the start and end of service. Regular reports from employees can also be monitored. The keywords here are safety/individual workplace monitoring.

Automatic marking of overdue items

Function: If the employee does not clock in on time, the entry is marked as overdue. Overdue entries are clearly arranged on the other side of the screen.

The advantage is the quick identification of delays and unoccupied services.

If the employee is unable to clock in or if electronic time recording is not in use, the head office can confirm the start of work manually. Optionally, the time can also be recorded, either automatically by adopting the current time or by linking to the time recording (planning menu)

If the scheduled employee does not respond, the head office can initiate appropriate measures. Overdue messages are moved to another half of the screen.

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Your advantages

  • Monitoring the start and end of shift through time recording
  • Monitoring the start and end of the shift with telephone notification of the start/end of the shift
  • Interval messages from employees at individual workstations
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